Is sharing economy really (not) about sharing ?

Is sharing economy really (not) about sharing ?

28 et 29 février:  2nd International Workshop on sharing economy qui a lieu à l’ESCP Europe.

Voici la communication que je présente: Is sharing economy really (not) about sharing ? Investigating the place of gift in sharing



The expression “sharing economy” is often criticized as misleading. The mercantile nature of the new activities it designates is supposedly incompatible with what “sharing” means. Is sharing economy really (not) about sharing? To tackle this issue, we build from the deep comprehension of gift proposed by sociology and anthropology. After having established the main characteristics of gift given by literature, we try to assess its place in one of the emblematic new activity of the so-called sharing economy: Airbnb. Our analysis of hundreds of comments left by guests and our interviews of hosts show that various dimensions of gift are actually present in this activity.

Keywords: gift, sharing economy, airbnb


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